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Welcome to Mario Kart Central!

Mario Kart 7 is released - START YOUR ENGINES!

As you may know, Mario Kart 7 was released recently at the beginning of December. I'm working on a brand new Mario Kart 7 section of the site to give you tips, strategy, videos, pictures and all sorts of stuff. I'm also finishing up on the new site design (CLICK HERE for a preview).

For now, read our Mario Kart 7 Tips and check back later during the month for more updates! Happy holidays. :)

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Mario its in the cards
Hey! Did you know this? There's actually someone how made a Mario poker card game. It's got some classic Mario game music (maybe a bit more lounge style, but what can you do) and the classic design concept. Here's where you can find the game. If you are a beginner at Online Gambling and on line poker games, be sure to read a guide on poker and strategy so you can be sure to get a great head start.

January 29, 2011
Check out our new Mario Kart 3DS page. I will continue to update it as more info becomes available! We've also got some new Fan Art. If you have any you would like to submit, please email me.

July 17, 2010
Mario Heaven Forum

If you're looking for a great forum to chat with me and other video gamers, check out Mario Heaven by clicking the banner above!

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In other news, Mario Kart has been named the Most Influential Video Game in History by Guinness World Records. The Guinness World Records team said they picked Mario Kart for the top spot because it is the best-selling racer on the SNES, the GameCube and the DS. It is leagues ahead of all console or online games, across all genres.